Build My Future

Teams of students create their own fictional adult characters by playing a ‘game of life’ board-game. Teams debate challenging life choices for their character. Each team is facilitated by a trained business volunteer to explore the importance of a balance in health, citizenship, socialising and expertise. The students then build their character as a life size puppet. The day concludes with entertaining and engaging performances by the students, with their character reviewing the action steps and decisions they took and conveying the key messages that a balance in life helps achieve happiness. Students follow up on personal action steps with the support of their volunteer and the option to meet up again through mentoring sessions.

Outcomes for students

  • Understanding why a balance in aspects of life is important

  • How action steps taken now can help achieve happiness and success

  • Ability to vision a future and articulate personal goals

  • Greater awareness of the need for well being and in particular how mental health issues need to be addressed

  • How joining in clubs and social activities impacts on life chances

  • Fun sociable day working with a role model with options to extend the relationship into a mentoring programme

    What Happens?

    Before the event 

    1. Volunteers are trained in advance by facilitator who leads the event
    2. School has a set up meeting and discussion with the business

    On the day of the event at school or at a partner business site

    1. Introduction and overview of the day
    2. Team building. Meet the volunteers. Six students to one volunteer.
    3. Students introduce volunteer to the rest of the room
    4. Film screening showing the potential for the performance element that ends the day
    5. Students work closely with a trained business volunteer for the rest of the day
    6. Play a board game to grow a character from age 13 to 25 through discussion and team decision making
    7. Profiling and scripting the character, rehearsals
    8. Building a life size puppet that looks and acts like the 25 year they created
    9. Performing the puppet as a 25 year explaining how decisions
    10. Judging, awards and feedback
    11. Student action planning process and options for students to join a mentoring programme

    See activity from 2016 at Patchway Community School with Rowan Dartington and GE Volunteers

    Build My Future Resources 

    Introductory Film, 'Sharon and Max' for use on the project

    BUILD MY FUTURE - Sharon and Max from Henrik Dahle on Vimeo.

    Build My Future Resources

    Downloadable pdfs for use on the project

    Pre event - Set up meeting

    For event









    To order more puppet parts please contact us directly - details below