People at MFMC

Hugh Thomas - Director,  Consultant, Trainer and Workshop Leader

Hugh has run an Arts Company touring performance work across UK and Europe; worked in secondary school leadership; established community projects and charities and run public arts events. He was the leader of Teaching and Learning in the Bristol Education Action Zone, a UK Government project aimed at tackling young people’s underachievement in Inner City Bristol. He has since expanded this work across the UK, focusing on engaging different industry sectors and universities in helping transform education to meet the needs of young people.

He is the co- creator of multidisciplinary educational programmes working with MFMC associates. All these education programmes boost confidence; inspire young people to think about their future and enable them to form loose ties to people and places they may not normally access.

Polly Barnes - Director of Education

Polly is our education specialist with a national profile for 'Futures' and 'Financial Education'. Having spent her teaching career working in low–income communities, she has a passion for brokering and managing relationships between education sectors, museums, cultural venues and businesses, driven by the positive impact that such experiences can have on the social mobility of the young people. Experienced as a teacher in schools and a lecturer in educator at Universities, Polly has been a consultant for Healthy Schools and Young Money. She has managed a diversity of projects including the designing and manufacturing of education resources and books. With a highly successful background in the arts and PSHE she is now on a mission to encourage teachers and young people to leave their comfort zones to discover the fun and excitement of the possible futures in science and engineering.


#RoMyE Reach Out My Experience 

Steve Smith - Aviation Specialist and workshop leader 

M.Ed., UK Private Pilot, British Model Flying Association Member

Steve has worked in mainstream education and as a trainer for teachers, business and industry. Steve designed his first successful model aircraft in 1971 when he was 14 years old. Since then he has produced literally hundreds of designs representing all forms of aviation with several being featured in national publications and on the Web.
He has recently focused on designs that are quick to build with just the right degree of challenge to engage participants of most ages and levels of ability and enable them to enjoy successful flying in every situation.
A UK Private Pilot, Steve uses his knowledge of full size aviation to help participants make connections with the forces acting on their machines and the flight conditions of a full size aircraft such as an Airbus airliner and so understand how an aircraft actually flies.
This all matters because at any time around the world there are one million people in the sky and they fly on the safest form of transport through the application of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Steve has designed a wide range of flying cardboard model kits from Caleys 1803 glider to Concorde

Glyn Griffiths Science and Engineering Consultant and Workshop Leader


Prof. Glyn Griffiths,  Mechanical Engineer

Glyn has a strong background in engineering, design, and sustainability and has had much involvement with MFMC. Primarily in the development of the 'Lifting Aspirations' learning resource. Lifting Aspirations is supplementary to the national curriculum, a team-building and leadership project, demonstrating a range of engineering principles such as the force amplification,  hydraulic circuits, and actuation. The project has proved successful in bridging the gap between aspiring school children and professional Engineers, and has been showcased at a range of engineering festivals, and school events.
Glyn orks in new technologies industries but continues to develop and support more targeted Engineering, Environmental and Social projects for young people when he is not cycling around Ireland on his customised bicycles.


Henrik G Dahle - Film maker, creative solutions and new concepts for learning


Henrik is a creative practitioner who works across many art forms. Now focusing his attention on writing and directing narrative fiction features, developing inspirational interactive web based projects and creating books for adults and children. Social and ecological consciousness is threaded through all his work.
He has a background in documentary film and radio, community arts, theatre, web development, music, set design and carpentry. 
He has managed creative education programmes, events and performances.

Henrik is one of our workshop leaders and a consultant on our learning resources. He is also the go to person when we a real filmmaker is needed 

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