Volunteering Opportunities with My Future My Choice

Amended activities in response of the Covid 19 Crisis

Events generally require no prior knowledge, just a willingness to mentor and support a small team of young people through challenges that are explained on the day. No training needed, just a 20-minute briefing to start the day. Specialist facilitators and school staff accompany children in teams at all times and DBS checks are not required by volunteers. To make an enquiry or volunteer contact info@myfuturemychoice.co.uk / Tel - 0117 3290387













Sustain My Future

Young People understanding skills, attitudes and expertise that may be needed in the future 

Volunteers support young people to explore potential job roles, technologies and industries that will be helping sustain people and planet when they leave school.



Can you support young people and help them address their concern for the future of people and planet?


Why are we doing this? Normally these students would be engaging with employees in the work place, boosting their confidence, seeing opportunities in life they had not thought of that helps them  form aspirations for their future.  Research shows the current restrictions have had detrimental effects on young people’s confidence and view of their own future. This programme has already proved to boost student’s well being through a greater sense of purpose as well raise awareness and understanding of sustainability goals.


3 hours total

I hour per day for 3 days

plus training session 


On line with

Backwell School


Monday 22nd March 

daily at 

for one hour


Wednesday 24th March




Monday 29th March 

daily at 

for one hour


Friday 31st  March


1hrs Training prior to the event 18th or 19th March


25th or 26th March 

As a volunteer coach you will be supported by education professionals to work online with ten students aged 13 to explore innovations, business ideas and jobs that will be important in their future.  

The project will engage students and coaches in increasing their awareness of the UN Goals for Sustainable Development https://sdgs.un.org/goals.

Aim- Students find out about future possibilities in areas of work that benefit people and planet and consider the hard and soft skills that would be useful in these emerging job roles.

Schedule - Project runs for one hour a day for three days in a week, with one hour of training prior to delivery. You need to attend all 3 sessions for one team. You can opt to support more than one team. The volunteers form a judging panel (‘Dragons Den!’) early evening on 31st March when student teams showcase their ideas to parents.     

Sessions with the school students -

Please select a team in week one and/ or week two. If you want to support more than one team in the same week give yourself at least an hour break between the sessions.

Week One - Mon 22 March, Tues 23 March,  Wed 24 March 

Select a Meeting Times

Team 1 8.45 -9.40

Team 2 9.35-10.30

Team 3 11.05-12

Team 4 12-05.50

Team 5 1.15-2.10

Team 6 2.05-3.00

Week Two - Mon 29 March, Tues 28th March, Wed 31 March

Team 1 8.45 -9.40

Team 2 9.35-10.30

Team 3 11.05-12

Team 4 12-05.50

Team 5 1.15-2.10

Team 6 2.05-3.00

Showcase event – 6pm -8pm (TBC ) Backwell School staff and My Future My Choice staff will be present at each session. 


Training on Zoom– This includes awareness of UN /Bristol Goals for Sustainable Development.

The school will set up links to ‘Teams’ online. Home learners in teams will be supported by school staff and their volunteer coach to complete activities across the three days.  

1.       Build the team/students quiz the volunteer (the teams consultant/ coach)

2.       Establish a goal and vision for innovation (narrow down the UN Goals)

3.       Define ‘indicators of need’ for people and planet (specific /local)

4.       Generate, select and refine ideas for future solutions (business ideas)

5.       Student teams record their pitch online (2 minutes using any medium)

Presentations to Parents Wed 31 March 6pm-8pm TBC

Showcasing and celebrating student ideas to parents. Students will field questions. Volunteers decide on the winner. (All volunteers are desired but it is possible to be unavailable for this session).

Rocket Rescue with Breeches Buoy 

Sessions will vary

Volunteers may be needed for up to 60 minutes and may be on call rather than attending the entire session 




Through a remote video connection to schools using  either Teams or Zoom


Training sessions for engineers will take place during February March


Schedule in schools will be confirmed and will run from March  2021


Become part of a squad of engineer. Trained in setting up and operating a fun resource being used by small teams of students in secondary and primary schools.

The kit is designed for teams of six students in a school.

Students are supported on-line by engineers who have been trained with the resource.

What is Breeches Buoy?

Before helicopter rescues a rope was fired out to a ship by a rocket. This rope was used to bring all the  ship's crew to safety.

The challenge scales down this rescue operation for re enacting it indoors in schools. 

Students make a pneumatic rocket launcher to send a rope out to a table (Shipwreck) and  devise and operate a system of ropes and pulleys to bring people (beanbags) to safety.

Engineers sense check the students efforts and advise or instruct.

Engineers will also talk about their day job and routes into engineering careers.

Project is supported by ROYAL ACADEMY OF ENGINEERING and is in response to enforced changes to a lifting and access  project to be held on a ship in Bristol Harbour.

Should Covid restrictions be lifted the project will take place on the ship with engineers in person.



Mentor students building model gliders

Discuss the job roles and the future of flight with students in secondary schools.

Half Day

On Line

March onwards

Glider kits are delivered to students and to the volunteer mentors. Students and engineers are linked remotely.

The project helps students discuss job roles in the aviation industry as well as engaging them with the fun of  improving the build and flight testing of a model glider. See the build process in this video - students will be challenged to convert the wing to a dihedral and explain how this has improved the flight?

 Empire Windrush -

Transportation,  Navigation, Future of Shipping 


Half Day

 If running on line this will be shorter scheduled sessions across a  half day

 online with resources in schools 

When restrictions allow 

On board the MV Balmoral a passenger vessel moored in Bristol's Harbour



More Sessions will be confirmed from March onwards



Maritime Engineers and Architects act as mentors to children working in schools or at home to build models of the Empire Windrush

Maritime Engineers and Architects working remotely deliver information about ships and shipping to small groups of school children from a ship in Bristol Harbour.

Maritime Engineers and Architects will be quizzed by children about their jobs how ships work and what ships and shipping  might look like in the future.


World of Work School Assemblies

Informal Talks

Curriculum support 

open up young minds to possible futures 

45 minutes max


Now mostly on-line

1. Bristol Technology and Engineering Academy

New Road
Stoke Gifford
Bristol BS34 8SF

2. Patchway Community School

Hempton Lane, Almondsbury,
Bristol, BS32 4AJ 

3. City of Bristol College

Central and other locations 

4. Oasis John Williams 



Dates and times arranged to suit you and the schools.


All sectors

On line - This will be 20 minute conversations with groups of up to ten students.

Ages of student groups will vary from 11 to 18



Science and Maths Demonstrations and Discussions


20 to 40 minutes


On Line


March 2021 onwards

Teachers have compiled a list of topics that they want some assistance with to show the relevance of science in the real world and the range of job roles an understanding of this topic can open up.

Volunteers can create demonstrations or film settings at work that help explain the topic.

Demonstrations are accompanied by question and answer sessions with students and teachers.


Explain 'Level Luffing' through mathematics, computer graphics or physical models.


  Variable depending on how the task is completed

This task can be completed anywhere for use in nuerous schools with or without the creator.



April 6th  2021

For use in activities from September to October 



Level luffing is used in cargo cranes for speed and safety. It is mostly outmoded due to container shipping.

Stem Ambassadors are needed to create a digital visual representation and/or a physical demonstration of how level luffing works.

The work can be completed at home and will be used online as well as in face to face interactions on our ship in Bristol's Harbour once the Covid 19 Crisis has abated.

Soap Box Car Engineering

Three to five days

Wallscourt Farm Primary Academy

Long Down Ave, Stoke Gifford, Bristol BS16 1GE

A series of visits to complete the Soap Box challenge

Project will  re start after the Covid 19 crisis abates - we anticipate it may run in the summer term 2021

A team of engineers are needed to help children in Year 6 design and built soap-box cars (gravity- racers). The children are the first cohort of children to pass through this school. The school is on the top of a hill and the plan is to close roads to test designs and parade decorated cars as part of the leaving celebrations. The initial stages of this project will involve engineers in planning sessions. The final stages in July will involve them in working with the children from the primary school  to complete their designs.

The project also needs resources - bike parts and wheels. The school will recycle these parts each year so that each year group passing through the school can look forward to this engineering experience as part of their graduation to secondary school. 

see more 

The main volunteering activities on offer - when the Covid Pandemic abates

Schools book dates for these workshops  through the year - let us know if there is something you to support and we will let you know as schools confirm dates 

Young Shipwrights

Boat Building

half day

Engine Shed, Temple Meads and Primary Schools across Bristol 


Children build model replicas of the Bristol Pilot Cutter or Mathew Caravel  and explore the Harbour by boat and visit Underfall yard to see how boats are really built and docks engineers manage the water in the harbour.

Volunteer mentors a team of 4 children

This suits people from all occupations - motivation, teamwork and skills for life are being promoted to young people as they move on secondary school education

Boats sail on July 20th to open the Harbour Festival

See More 



Secondary Schools across the region and beyond

Help build radio controlled aircraft and create an Air-show by end of school day.

Suits engineers and makers

See more


Lifting Aspirations Accessing Engineering


Secondary Schools across the region and beyond

Sometimes on board a ship moored under cargo cranes in Bristol's Floating Harbour so young people can use the can go up and operate the cranes


Hydraulics and lifting,

Building a crane / low tech robotic arm

We need engineers, makers and scientists to mentor small groups

We need demonstrations of lifting equipment, materials, robotics and bio-mechanics 

See More

 Shipping 2050


MV Balmoral a ship moored under historic Cargo Cranes by M Shed Museum

Princes Wharf, Wapping Rd, Bristol BS1 4RN

And other Locations 



Engineers with an interest in Ships and Shipping

Provide insight and contextualise the learning about the evolution of ship design and the how ships may have to change to meet future needs.

Working with small team of 15 to 18 year old Engineers from schools and colleges

Exploring the ship they are on and building a model to illustrate their ideas for the future of shipping

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Build My Future


In Secondary Schools across the UK


A well-being programme for adolescents

Exploring routes to success and happiness in life through a better understanding of why a balance in elements of life is important.

Volunteers support a team of six 13/14 year olds to complete a board-game that takes a fictional 13 year old on a journey to the age of 25.

The students then create this character as a life-size puppet that presents its story and conveys key messages. 

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Plan My




short sessions

in   afternoons


In Secondary Schools in Bristol 


Become a 'Coach' to a 15-year-old to help them achieve happiness and success Activities run on late afternoons Wednesdays. Mostly at the school with some days out to visit and work at relevant venues.

Step 1 - Training-usually 2pm to 4.30pm with short icebreaker  activities with the students

Step 2 - 6 One to one meetings with the school student

Step 3 - Review session with options to continue

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More events will be scheduled and we will keep you posted

To make an enquiry or volunteer contact info@myfuturemychoice.co.uk / Tel - 0117 3290387