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My Future My Choice provides unique and innovative education services working with the charity The Bristol Initiative Charitable Trust, addressing the need for all young people to meet a diverse range of role models doing different jobs in business, industry or community. We offer:

  • Practical workshops building functioning boats, cranes, aeroplanes and life size puppets. These are compelling experiences where small teams of young people are supported by employees who engage them in teamwork and the vast range of exciting opportunities available in life. Older students can benefit from a one to one coaching programme. 
  • Workshops exploring heritage, engineering, science, art and a young person’s future encouraging them to open their minds to all possibilities and have the self-belief that they can be successful and happy in whatever they choose to do.
  • Print materials, card games and workbooks for use in school and at home.
  • A squad of trained people from all sectors of business and industry for assemblies and talks in schools or on-line
  • Events in schools, colleges, universities, museums, science centres, on boats, business sites and exciting cultural venues

All the activities create student produced performances and displays or real tests of engineering skills through competitions that celebrate young people’s achievements, wit and ingenuity.

Latest Project

Celebrating Pioneers of the Windrush Generation

Black Lives Matter - It should not take a crisis to focus our attention on those whose rights and needs have been ignored. Education is the fundamental tool for creating anti racist thinkers and activists


Helping Bristol celebrate pioneers of migration by sharing their stories and engaging young people through poetry, science and engineering and a better understanding of colonialism and anti-racism.

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Animation - Celebrating Pioneers of the Windrush





My Future My Choice introduces children and young people to the vast range of exciting opportunities available for their future.