Talking Heads

Children travel through time bringing portraits or historical figures to life. Through refection, research or analysis children decide what portraits or figures from history would be saying to us. Life size puppets are created by small teams working alongside an adult volunteer. The process can be applied to historical or fictional figures as well as issue based drama in PHSE where the puppet character becomes the mouthpiece for young people discussing challenging issues.


These workshops explore

  • Looking at art
  • Emotional Literacy
  • Visiting art galleries and museums
  • Historical research
  • Creative writing
  • Performance
  • Teamwork
  • Drama
  • PHSE

Working with a Museum

Stage One -

Pre learning materials are sent to the school for teachers to explore how we interpret feelings faces and the symbols and meanings in paintings

Stage Two

A visit to a gallery or museum to look, research and generate ideas

Stage Three

 Build and decorate a life size puppet to as the character from history or the person in the portrait using ingenious card templates and children's creativity

Stage Three

Performances to peers or wider audiences of parents




Outcomes for your pupils:

Using an art gallery or museum to research and analyse paintings

Understanding facial expressions 

Construction skills

Communication and performing skills 


Puppets to take away and use again