A practical, interactive project for 8 to 14 year olds

For groups in schools or home learners 

Build and fly a stunt plane that is similar to those used in lectures for recruits at NASA 

A unique way of engaging with aerospace engineers and understanding aerodynamics

The project is supported by aerospace engineers who are using the same stunt plane that we send out to schools, families and learners

Prizes for the best responses 

Thanks to 


For the cardboard and manufacturing of the stunt  planes


For the Volunteer Engineers 

How to Build the Stunt Plane


How to Build the Glider

Aerospace Engineers Have A Go


Using the Stunt Plane in the Aviation On-Line Challenge

  • Order the kits online 
  • Follow the instructions to Build and Fly
  • Find out from aviation experts about their experience with the stunt plane
  • Find out from aviation experts about the aerospace industry
  • Upload films of your stunt plane flying and send us the link
  • Email us pictures of your decorated plane - or post us  link to the picture on social media

Using the Glider in the Aviation On-Line Challenge 

  • Order the kits online
  • Extend your building and flyng skills 
  • Upload films of your glider flying and send us the link
  • Email us pictures of your decorated glider - or post us  link to the picture on social media



Aerospace Engineers

  • Build and fly the stunt plane
  • Tell us about their day jobs, hobbies and lifestyle
  • Reveal possible futures for young learners at home or at school 


Top Tips -

Nigel Higgins - Airbus Virtual Reality Specialist 

I modified the design to give it a full wing dihedral*. I sliced the wing on the centre line from each side.....so essentially pulling it out, it meant the two tags at the fwd and aft of the wing had to be cut so it wasn’t pushing the fuselage out too far. And made two wedges from the box the plane came in to hold it before taping up.

I do intend to try cutting a wedge from the center of the spare wing to bring the center together to see if this is any easier

I’ve also got rid of the flaps on the wing.....If I find I need to tweak the twist I’ll just bend one sideof the wing a tiny bit at the tip....less needed at the tip as the moment (leverage) is greater on the wing tip

Full Wing Dihedral construction above and wing taped up below

 Find out more about how the dihedral on a wing works - its on large and small aircraft

Aviation Workshops with Aersoace Engineers working with teams of students with will be back in School after the Lockdown

There is funding from business for workshops in schools when they reopen please get in touch to discuss options.  


Show us what you made

Pictures and film of your plane flying will be added to the website 

Just send us a copy or a link and we will post it here


Prizes will be awarded

  • Best Flight 
  • Best Decoration 
  • Funniest Film (Flight Disaster Movie) 
Prizes are other construction kits ( Boats , Cranes and Aeroplanes) so you can make more working machines


These faces display the ironic joy of more home learning but then this kit kept their interest longer than Mine Craft?


How to Order Construction Kits

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Gliders Pack of 10 or 20


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